Res versus Share Houses

Moving out of home is one of those rites of passage that everyone needs to go through, high school is over and university is approaching, and all of a sudden you feel the need to be more independent and move out.

But which housing situation is best for you, student accommodation or off-campus share houses?Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.45.57 AM

I began my first year of university in a share house with four boys I had met only briefly before, and to call them lazy would be a huge understatement.

Within the first month of living there we had a house inspection, I spent three straight days cleaning I-don’t-even-know-what off the carpets and walls and was almost tempted to hire a skip, just to house the hundreds of empties lying around the house.

I gave one of my roommates, Matt the job of doing the dishes.

When I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised to see the sink empty, however to my dismay found a pile of dirty dishes, and hundreds of ants in the laundry cupboard two days later. I lasted less than a year in that house.

Laura, a second-year Arts student at Monash University, spent her first year in student accommodation before moving into an off-campus share house.

“Having a lot of people around was great when I lived on res, I made so many friends! But having a 2×4 metre cell block for sleeping, studying and eating drove me crazy,” she said.
“I prefer living off-campus because of the personal space and having Uni separate when I want it to be. I do miss living with a lot of fun people though”.

Fergus, a civil engineering student who lived on residence at Swinburne for one year, said that student accommodation helped him meet new people from lots of different backgrounds, however got sick of it fairly quickly from growing tired of his neighbours.

“I also found it harder to study because I was very easy to persuade into partying and often ended up drunk,” he said.

After spending two years at Saint Hilda’s, Eleanor from Melbourne University moved into a share house with three other girls and says although she loves the privacy of her own place, she misses the atmosphere of college life.

“The college community makes such a difference to your uni life. People are always around you and there is a social calendar for the whole year. Not to mention not having any responsibility – the food and cleaning is all done for you, and there’s no electricity bills!”

However for Jack, a law student from Deakin University, student accommodation was a constant battle between sleeping in and attending 10am lectures.Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.45.49 AM

However he says the huge network of people makes studying and assignments a breeze.
“And more often than not, my lunch and dinner consisted of Weetbix,” he said.

So there you have it.
Whether you enjoy Weetbix and getting drunk or privacy and electricity bills, the choice is yours. Have fun and good luck!

Published in The Swinburne Magazine, The Burn, 2014

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