Royal memories from 30 years ago

Wendouree resident Fay Frawley has her own royal baby story dating back to April 1982, as she remembers the baby toys she passed on for Prince William.

In the early hours of the morning, Fay lined up outside the Ballarat Airport with her two daughters, Lisa and Jane, to catch a glimpse of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
“We waited in line for hours to get a good position,” Ms Frawley said.

Upon their arrival, youngest daughter Jane passed to Charles the gift of a bib from Soverign Hill, a couple of plush toys and a letter congratulating the family on the new arrival of Prince William.

Fay stood behind with camera in hand.
“I was so excited about taking the photo I nearly chopped his head off,” she said.

About two weeks later, they received a letter from Charles and Diana’s lady-in-waiting, thanking them for their letter.
“Their Royal Highnesses greatly enjoyed their visit to Australia,” it read.

Ms Frawley has made a scrapbook from the souvenirs she kept, which she says her children and grandchildren will “have to fight over” in the future.

Published in The Ballarat Courier, July 25 2013

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