Pupils celebrate tree planting day

Ballarat pupils helped celebrate National Tree Planting Day yesterday, with more than 200 indigenous species of trees planted throughout the area.

St Alipius Primary School’s grade two and three class walked over to the Yarrowee River and planted trees donated by the City of Ballarat nursery.
City of Ballarat lakes and water ways unit representative, John Kerr says it is a wonderful activity and the success rate of Ballarat schools’ involvement is almost 90 per cent.

“A planting initiative like this changes the environment altogether,” Mr Kerr said.
Yesterday was St Alipius’ fourth year of involvement and, as a result, the school has begun to plant the indigenous species of plants within their own gardens.

Similarly, St Francis Xavier Primary School has encouraged biodiversity and sustainability since 2007 by planting the indigenous trees throughout its own paddocks.
Environmental education teacher at St Francis Xavier, Sarah Page said it was empowering to see the pupils and parents getting involved.

“So many people have pitched in and shared their experience with their kids, it is beautiful,” she said.
In cooperation with fifteen trees and G.J Harden Homes, 15 trees are planted every time a house is built, which Ms Page says is very meaningful for the pupils to know that local organisations are also getting involved


Published in The Ballarat Courier, July 27 2013

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