A Long Awaited Royal Arrival

AS a parent of two, Buninyong Anglican minister Mark Schnerring can empathise with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their new baby son.

“There was lots of anticipation about it. My wife is very keen on such matters so I have taken an interest as a result,” Mr Schnerring said.
“It’s the same as when Kate and William were married. There is a new level of excitement, which will serve them well in terms of their place in the hearts of the British nation and also the Commonwealth as a whole.”

The Duke and Duchess are though to have been making plans so that their son will receive a thoroughly modern upbringing.
Mr Schnerring believes that this will work well as long as there are still elements of the more traditional manner.
“One of the most traditional families in the world is the royal family, so traditional factors should still be a part of (his upbringing). However we live in a modern world that we also need to connect with.” He said.

Despite all the recent discussions and polls about what the name of the newest member of the royal family should be, Mr Schnerring believes that it is something that should definitely be traditional.
“But I’ll leave that to them,” he said.

Among the hopes and prayers of the Anglican Church, Mr Schnerring says that he hopes the newest member of the royal will be “someone to grow to know and to love God”.

This Article was published on  July 23, 2013 in The Ballarat Courier. 


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