House Of Spirits: Holding On / Keep Holding On (Peaking Lights Dub)

First appeared in 6AM at the Garage, June 23 2014
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This two-track record was made under Tom Noble’s project, House of Spirits. ‘Holding On’ is Noble’s first solo outing since the Dancing Hard release for Clone Loft Supreme Series in 2012, whilst on the B-side Aaron Coyes (of Peaking Lights) provides an extended dub version titled ‘Keep Holding On’.

In two words, I’d describe it as quirky disco. Barely two minutes in my early morning wednesday-itis was cured. Noble’s production exudes positivity and could be the first morning alarm tone that you wouldn’t get sick of two months down the track. The gospel vocals and guitar licks allows for an energetic and exciting melody, and the ‘70s inspiration can without a doubt be heard. Peaking Light’s extended dub version is equally pleasing. It’s funky wrap of resonance and reverb allows for a fun and energetic vibe, which could get anyone up and going. With a progressive increase in intensity, psychoactive tones and dreamlike percussion and synth, this is a perfect dance melody for any groover to enjoy. Noble invited musicians to transform his work into a dynamic live performance, and Coyes has done exactly that; resulting in a set of tracks that are nothing less than terrific.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.19.05 AMThe blissful ‘Holding On / Keep Holding On’ is now out on ‘Beats In Space’ as a limited edition 12” and digital file. Each 12″ features a fluorescent sigil of a late night romance, Noble’s own original artwork.

Buy 12″ from RVNG web store

Buy From Beatport 

Beats In Space Web / Facebook

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