Art of Tones: Elephants & Flies (Remixes)

First appeared in 6am at the Garage, August 17 2014.

Art of Tones has so far proven to be French producer Ludovic Llorca’s most electronic and edgy project. Although largely known for his jazz infused album “Newcomer”, Llorca has moved onto a number of tunes enthused by house music, such as his 2013 release on Lazy Days, “Elephants and Flies”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.28.01 AMAfter releasing a mysterious production under the name Art Of Tones in 2005, Llorca created huge hype for himself. House music lovers questioned who was behind the alias, and who had produced the incredible series of remixes off 2020 Vision. Two years and another release later, speculation continued as the underground hit “Praise” pleased the ears of listeners. Llorca has since revealed himself, but his most recent EPs have proven to again be nothing short of bliss.

Alex Barck’s remix of ‘Elephants’ is a perfectly blended mix of keyboard, percussion and space-like tones, all paired with subtly strange, yet appealing background vocals. This six-minute track is groovy from start to finish, however becomes a perfect dance floor tune at around the two-minute mark thanks to a jazzy keyboard riff.

Similarly, Fred Everything’s re-edit of ‘Elephants’ provides an eclectic mixture of moody techno, mid-tempo bass and that parallel keyboard jam evident in his first track. This unrelenting tune is easy on the ears, yet provides a catchy melody for all lovers of dance to enjoy.

Lay-Far’s remix, of Art of Tones’ ‘The Right Movement’, begins with voice-overs that are sure to grab your attention. “Do you have a message for the people listening to the part of the record that no one will be listening to?” a woman asks. The muffled voices continue throughout the seven-minute track, however the message is clear – and this part of the record rocks. The beat is fast and catchy, and atmospheric soundscapes and keyboard riffs are again evident as the track moves swiftly through raw slices of dulcet vocals and trippy sound grabs.

This is a captivating exploration of swirling rhythms, and I hope that for the sake of house music, Lazy Days continues to release such brilliant compilations.

Art of Tones FacebookSoundCloud

Lazy Days Facebook / SoundCloud

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