Imposter escapes maximum penalty

First appeared in The Moorabool News, January 24 2018

A police enthusiast found in possession of a fabricated Victoria Police identification badge has avoided jail time.

Christopher Jordan created the badge using a photo of himself and the Victoria Police logo taken from a uniform shoulder patch.

Police allege the badge was found at a Darley supermarket by an employee.

Jordan appeared in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates Court on Friday January 19 charged with possess Victoria Police identification/equipment.

The court heard Jordan dropped the badge at the supermarket, leading the employee to show an off duty police officer who later attended the business to buy groceries.

The accused told the court he had a collection of police badges from every state and territory in Australia, as well as some from overseas.

“I never used it or intended to use it to impersonate a police officer,” he said.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson asked the accused why he was carrying the fabricated badge with him, stating that it was a serious crime to falsely identify as a police officer.

The accused, who was not represented, said he had taken it to work to show a colleague and that it must have fallen out of his vehicle at the supermarket.

The maximum penalty for possessing Victoria Police identification or equipment is one-month imprisonment.

Magistrate Robinson said the accused was lucky to avoid the maximum term and sentenced the man to a 12-month adjourned undertaking.

The accused was also ordered to pay a $750 donation to the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Magistrate Robinson encouraged Jordon to speak with police about the rest of his collection in order to avoid further penalties.

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