More evidence in murder trial of missing man

eith Foggin made a six-second call to Bacchus Marsh police on the day of his disappearance, a jury has heard.

Crown Prosecutor, Daryl Brown said phone records show the 46-year-old missing man made the phone call to Bacchus Marsh police station on the morning of September 24, 2015.

The call was not answered. Mr Foggin has not been seen since that day and his body has never been found.

Maddingley mechanic, Christopher Trotter has pleaded not guilty to his murder.

Mr Brown said Mr Foggin called the police station at 8:04am, but hung up the phone before talking to a police officer.

“The fact that he dialled the police number indicates, I’d suggest, that at least involving the police was one option that was on his mind.

“Evidence was that [Mr Foggin] was angry, agitated and frustrated, and he told his friends and family that he would smack the mechanic in the mouth”.

Prosecutors allege Trotter killed Mr Foggin after the pair fought over a 1979 XD Ford station wagon, which Mr Foggin had delivered to the accused for restoration in 2012.

Mr Brown said Mr Foggin had reported the vehicle stolen to police in the months leading up to his disappearance.

He said the accused had lied about the progress of the car to both Mr Foggin and police, and had continued to lie to missing person squad detectives throughout the investigation.

The court heard Trotter told detectives that he had acquired a roadworthy certificate for the station wagon, and Keith Foggin had voluntary left in the vehicle on September 24, 2015.

However, Trotter later admitted that Mr Foggin had actually left on foot and that he had lied to police because he was under pressure, as he was the last person to see Mr Foggin alive.

Police interview footage shown to the jury revealed Trotter had also lied about the restoration work on the station wagon; storing the vehicle at a friend’s house in Darley and returning it to the workshop on the morning of September 24.

Mr Brown said a further lie was revealed after CCTV footage showed Trotter was at his mechanic workshop in the days after Mr Foggin’s disappearance, despite telling police he had attended church.

Mr Brown suggested that Trotter lied to police because he believed he was guilty.

“It’s something you’d only do if you had something really serious to hide”.

However, Defence Barrister Neill Hutton said his client had first lied about the vehicle back in July 2015 – well before Mr Foggin had disappeared.

“When Mr Trotter first tells Senior Constable Canty in July, and the other police in September, the lies about the car, he has to either maintain the lie or produce the car. So he continues to tell, effectively, the same lie.

“Once the missing person investigation gets rolling it gets really serious and Mr Trotter, stupidly you might think, sticks to his first story in the record of interview…. but by the time it gets to the second record of interview, he is telling, what I submit to you, to be the complete truth”.

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