Missing man’s thongs found in accused killer’s workshop

The only pair of shoes known to be worn by Keith Foggin were found in the workshop of his accused killer in the months after his disappearance, a court has heard.

Detective Sergeant Graham Hamilton for the missing persons squad said the pair of Broadfoot beach thongs were found in a garbage bag at Christopher Trotter’s business, Maddingley Car Care, on November 25, 2015.

Det-Sgt Hamilton gave the Supreme Court of Victoria an indepth description of the thongs last week, stating that they comprised of a white and black sole and a blue cloth toe strap.

Earlier in the trial, a number of Mr Foggin’s family and friends told the jury that Mr Foggin was always known to wear his thongs, even in winter.

“He constantly wore thongs. You couldn’t ever get him in shoes unless we were going out to dinner”, Michael Abbott, a friend of Mr Foggin for four-years, told the court.

“He only had the one pair as far as I know and they were great big truck driving thongs, big wide ones”.

Mr Foggin’s daughter, Cassandra Davies, said her father also owned a pair of sneakers for “very rare occasions”, however they were left at her Queensland residence in 2015.

The court heard DNA samples were taken from the pair of thongs, with results indicating that they were once worn by Mr Foggin.

Det-Sgt Hamilton said Trotter told police the thongs were found in an alleyway near his workshop.

“[Trotter] explained that he had taken on responsibility to clean up the alleyway and that he had found the thongs and put them in the bin,” he said.

The jury heard that a number of Mr Foggin’s items were also found in the cabin of a campervan located at Maddingley Car Care, including two phone charges; clothing; and Vietnamese currency believed to have been purchased by Mr Foggin in the hope of its value later increasing.

Mr Foggin allegedly stayed in the campervan for two nights as he waited for Trotter to return his restored XD Ford station wagon.

In footage of Trotter’s police interview, the accused admits to lying to Mr Foggin and the police about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

The trial continues.

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