DNA linked to missing man Keith Foggin

Police say DNA found in the back of Christopher Trotter’s vehicle belonged to missing man Keith Foggin.

Forensic officer for Victoria Police, Janelle Heffernan said a forensic investigation of the accused’s Ford Courier utility found biological material, belonging to 46-year-old Keith Foggin, in the rear cabin of the vehicle.

Mr Foggin was last seen on the morning of September 24, 2015. Trotter, the owner of Maddingley Car Care, has been charged with his murder.

Mr Foggin’s body has never been found. Trotter has pleaded not guilty.

Ms Heffernan said investigations revealed there were two major contributors to the DNA sample, with a major contributor being Mr Foggin.

The other contributor is not known, however Ms Heffernan said Trotter’s DNA was excluded from the analysis.

Prosecutors allege Trotter killed Mr Foggin and used the utility to dispose of the body after the pair fought over the missing man’s 1979 XD Ford Station wagon.

Crown Prosecutor, Daryl Brown suggested that after stringing Mr Foggin on for many months, Trotter was forced to admit that the vehicle was not ready to drive up to Queensland.

“That admission, not unnaturally, caused some type of confrontation, and during that confrontation the accused murdered Keith Foggin,” he said.

“He then disposed of the body so the crime of murder could not be detected”.

The Crown case has been a circumstantial one.

In a record of interview shown to the jury, Trotter told police that whilst in the workshop, Mr Foggin had cleaned out the cabin of the utility.

He said Mr Foggin had got into the back of the vehicle with a broom and shovel in order to clean the tray floor.

Trotter said he knew the police had taken the vehicle away for examination.

Defence barrister Neil Hutton cross-examined Ms Heffernan, confirming that while the majority of DNA could be attributed to Mr Foggin, it was unknown how it was deposited.

Ms Heffernan said it was just as likely for the DNA to be directly deposited while Mr Foggin cleaned the rear tray of the vehicle, as it was for his dead body to be placed in it.

The trial continues.

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