15 Years for Darley Murderer

A Darley resident who fatally stabbed a man he blamed for burgling his house has been jailed for at least 15-years.

Daniel Nathan Parry, 37, was sentenced in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday November 11.

He will serve up to 19 years in prison with a non-parole period of 15 years for the murder of 30-year-old Werribee man Gary Coulson.

The court heard that on June 25 of last year, Parry contacted the police following a break-in at his Darley property.

A number of items were allegedly stolen including televisions, laptops and an iPad.

Parry, a long term drug user, believed the victim was responsible for the break-in, however had no hard evidence.

On July 5 2015, Parry allegedly visited an address where Mr Coulson’s mother, brother and two sisters were present.

The accused told the victim’s mother that her son owed him money.

After receiving the victim’s address, the accused attended the house in Werribee with two co-accused at around 8pm.

The court heard that Parry entered the house and located the bedroom, where Coulson and his girlfriend were asleep in bed.

Parry allegedly punched Coulson in the face before striking him with a black aluminium bat.

The accused then proceeded to stab Coulson with a knife several times before the victim’s girlfriend began screaming.

Parry and the co-accused fled the house, carrying the knife with them, but leaving the aluminium bat behind in the bedroom.

An ambulance was called, however the victim went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and was pronounced dead at 8:32pm.

At 10pm, Parry allegedly sent a text message to his girlfriend that read, ‘It didn’t go down exactly as I wanted but I am home and one hundred per cent injury free”.

An autopsy conducted on the victim the following day revealed 21 stab wounds to the body.

In a police interview conducted on July 7, Parry stated that it was the victim who had produced the knife.

“There was a struggle over the knife and then… next thing I knew was Garry had dropped and I had the knife in my hand,” the statement read.

The court heard that the victim was known to keep a knife on him, however his girlfriend believed that it had been seized by police a few weeks prior to the incident.

Parry’s defence stated that his client, who was under the influence of ice at the time, was angry at the victim for allegedly stealing the property that he had battled to acquire since being released from jail in late 2012.

He said Parry had a long-term history of drug use and had gone through a significant period of depression and anxiety following the separation from his son, who moved interstate with the ex-partner of the accused.

In August 2010, Parry was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for stalking, contravening a family violence intervention order and two counts of threatening to kill, the court heard.

Justice Beale said with the known prior convictions, Parry was to be sentenced as a serious violent offender.

He said the accused had acted as a vigilante by deciding to take the law into his own hands.

“You enlisted the aid of others to assist you. You went to the victim’s home intending to inflict serious injury upon him and you brought a weapon with you for that purpose,” he said.

“You attacked the deceased in his home, barging into his bedroom where he was sleeping beside his partner”.

Justice Beale said the “meaningful parole period” of 15-years was to promote rehabilitation.

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