No bail for alleged murderer

A woman accused of murdering Bacchus Marsh man Paul Hogan has been refused bail.

Yu Tung Lo appeared in the Victorian Supreme Court on Thursday (July 28) charged with the murder of 48-year-old Paul Hogan, who was shot dead in the driveway of his Labilliere Street home in May.

The 26-year-old Chinese national, who lived with the deceased, is alleged to have enlisted her friend Daniel Duhovic to commit the murder.

The court heard that at around 8:20am on May 24 the deceased was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head.

It is believed Lo met both the deceased and the co-accused through the online messaging application ‘WeChat’.

The crown said that Lo and Duhovic had become involved in a sexual relationship after meeting in June 2015.

The relationship between Lo and the deceased is in contention, however the crown stated that she had moved into his Labilliere Street property on May 2 of this year after he assisted her in finding farm work in order to extend her working holiday visa.

The court heard that Lo had texted Duhovic the night before the murder, describing “it” as having the name of Paul and having a white van.

At 8:04pm she wrote “I want to kill it”.

Police allege that further efforts to recover all of the data on the mobile phone had been hampered with, as a factory reset had been carried out at 8:50am on the morning of the shooting. Detective Senior Constable Glen Scharper said following her arrest, Lo denied any knowledge of the shooting and her friendship with Duhovic.

However, Defence counsel, Mr Georgiou, said the prosecution had a “weak” case.

“There’s no evidence, other than the fact that she was there, of her doing anything, or even of her being aware of [Duhovic] being armed”.

He said Lo was a young woman, had no prior convictions, was in custody for the first time in her life and faced delays before any likely trial would commence.

Justice Robert Redlich refused Lo’s bail application, stating that she had gone to “quite extraordinary lengths” to conceal the nature of her association with Duhovic.

“[The applicant] concealed her presence at the scene of the shooting, denied any knowledge of the shooting and in the hours immediately following the shooting sought to delete any communications which disclosed any knowledge by her of the events which had occurred,” he said.

Lo will remain in custody indefinitely until further trial.



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