Tyrannamen – The band that rocked

Tyrannamen reek of punk rock. They’re a feel-good, rambunctious band based in Melbourne that released their self-titled LP earlier this year and will take the stage at Golden Plains Music Festival this weekend.

I spoke with lead vocalist Nic Imfeld, who said he is pretty chuffed to be playing at the ‘Sup alongside a very strong bill.
“I’m feeling pretty good, pretty excited. I’ve never been [to Golden Plains] before; the other fellas have been though so it should be sweet. It’s basically our first outdoor big festival so that’s pretty cool,” he said.
“It’s good to be playing with good bands. I’m excited to see Eddy Current for the first time in a long time and I think Royal Headache will be cool to see at a festival too”.

Tyrannamen began their journey six years ago at a party that saw the five members join together to create some magic.
“I played in a band that now and then played with Alex and Gus’ old band, which is also how I met Cal – who showed me some cool music, and Alex; who was already a drummer came along somewhere too. We just threw it all together for a party one night,” Nic said.
“We’ve actually very rarely played together. Roughly over the years, it’s only been probably one to five gigs a year”.

However their minimal stage presence is quickly justified by their snappy, soulful melodies and contagious enthusiasm. Tyrannamen live and breathe music and that is effortlessly evident.

“We are a really fun band,” Nic said, “The songs are really fun to perform and we’ve gotten to a point where we can do it pretty confidently. It’s great to play in different places and it is always fun, I suppose that’s the idea of playing so rarely – it’s that it is fun every time, it doesn’t ever get boring”.

Tyrannamen dropped their long-awaited album this year with the help of punk label Cool Death Records, who signed the boys around two years ago.
Nic said he was stoked to be involved with a relatively new label that was fun and easy to work with.
“They are just cutting their teeth in a way, and they are doing a really good job. They said they wanted to do a record and we agreed, but it took us a fair while to actually get around to it. They’re friends of ours so it’s good to be able to work with people you know and get along with really well”.

The eight-track LP bursts with energy and is very easy on the ear. The backing vocals and garage-style guitar riffs align perfectly with Nic’s raw voice and tune.
“We’re all used to playing stuff that is heavy and harder than this, so it’s a good way to play something a little bit more poppy. It’s mainly just about the idea of rock and roll though, and good music – that’s our biggest influence,” Nic said.

Tyrannamen will officially launch their self-titled album at the Tote Hotel in Melbourne on April 2, with a few other shows on the horizon.

Nic said he looked forward to working on some new tracks, but would enjoy the completion of their current release in the mean time.
“I’m just happy that what’s out is out. I would really like to do another one and I think we will in the future, but for now I just plan on having fun with it”.


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