Local car park a death trap

A Bacchus Marsh grandfather has predicted an imminent death at a local school drop-off and pick-up zone.

Barry Evans, who collects his granddaughter two to three times a week from Bacchus Marsh Primary School, said he couldn’t believe how dangerous the area was.

“The pick up and drop off area is at the back of the school (Lerderderg Street, Bacchus Marsh) and it is just mayhem. There are parents that are double-parked and little kids running in between cars,” he said.

“I came out of the car park the other day crying because I envisioned a day where I arrive at the school and it is swarming with police because a child has been seriously maimed or killed”.

Mr Evans said whilst the issue was deeply concerning, there were obvious alternatives.

“There are parks down at Masons Lane and from what I understand the teachers are quite happy to park there, which would allow for parents to use the teacher’s car park for what would be a much safer pick up and drop off zone,” he said.

“It’s about as plain as a nose on your face, the school has been pushing for it for about five-years, but the Council won’t open up the area for parking, I think they are worried that people will break into the soccer club”.

However the Moorabool Shire Council undertook a traffic investigation into the area earlier this year, following a Notice of Mention that was presented at an ordinary meeting in July 2014.


Members of Council visited the school’s vicinity during peak morning and afternoon activity periods and made contact with school representatives to gain an understanding of existing operating conditions.

Parking opportunities at the Masons Lane Recreation Reserve were identified, including 123 car parks and a road upgrade estimated at around $470,000.

However the provision of the facility comes under the responsibility of the State Government, with Council stating that if a contribution of at least 60% were obtained, they would consider funding the rest of the project.

The matter was raised again in an ordinary meeting on December 2 and council officers will meet with Bacchus Marsh Primary School in the future to work through a solution.

Mr Evans said he planned to continue pushing for an appropriate pick up and drop off zone in order to ensure that his granddaughter and other students were safe.

“It’s going to be hard but we need this problem to be sorted. There are probably close to a thousand kids coming in and out of that school, it’s a narrow area and they are ducking in and out of cars frantically”.

“People need to open their eyes to the issues that matter, because without children there is no future”.


First appeared in The Moorabool News




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