Fury over unpermitted wreckers yard

Ballan residents are furious over an out of control tip site located on a residential street.

The site, located at 66-68 Steiglitz Street, mirrors a wrecker’s yard with piles of car parts, broken glass, plastic taillights and screws and bolts.

Local resident Tor Roxburgh said she usually enjoyed seeing a bit of industry around the town, however believed the site had gone too far.

“I like seeing people working. That’s part of the pleasure of living in a regional town, but opening a wrecker’s yard 100-metres from the town’s centre, which is spilling broken car parts onto the nature strip, isn’t fair to the community,” she said.

Moorabool Shire Council’s CEO, Rob Croxford said Council had received six complaints in the past few years relating to activity on the property – including dumped cars, a skip on the nature strip and garbage.

“The owners of this land currently have separate permits to use one block as a mechanics workshop and the other block for a restaurant. They do not have a permit for materials recycling,” he said.

“Several warning notices have been issued. Very recently, we wrote to the owner advising that they do not have the appropriate permits and have requested they cease operations. If they do not work with us, we will follow an enforcement process to have the vehicles removed”.

The two businesses located on the separate blocks are titled Ballan Tandoori Indian Restaurant and BTS Automotive Repairs.

First appeared in The Moorabool News.

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