Family pet mauled on our streets

A Darley family have been left distraught after their three-year-old dog was victim to a fatal attack.

Kirstie, the mother of two young girls aged nine and 14, said her daughters decided to take their family pet for a walk when a large, vicious dog approached them.

“They went around the corner from our house to Davies Street in Darley and this big dog came flying over and attacked our little dog Nelly,” Kirstie said.

“Apparently some kids came and were calling the big dog by name, they grabbed it and told my kids to get out of there really quickly so the girls just picked Nelly up and ran her home. She was in a bad way so I rang the vet but it was too late, she passed away shortly after”.

Kirstie said although she didn’t want to make assumptions, it wasn’t the first time they had been approached by a random dog.

“I understand that it was an accident, sometimes dogs get out, but we have had that many incidents in Bacchus Marsh where a dog with no apparent owner has approached us and this dog was obviously vicious,” she said.

“My daughter said the dog picked up our little one in his mouth and just shook her. The girls are just absolutely traumatized, especially the young one as she was the one holding our little dog”.

Following the incident, Kirstie said she contacted the council however had very limited information on the attacker.

“We don’t know the breed of the dog or where it came from so not much can be done, I was sick at the time so I am really regretting not being there with my daughters, but people need to start being more aware,” she said.

“Animals need to be contained because this really should not have happened. My 9-year-old daughter has since told me that she would never go for a walk again because she is too scared, the whole ordeal is really awful and obviously our little dog really suffered”.

Nelly was a three-year-old Pomeranian x Chihuahua.

First appeared in The Moorabool News, September 14 2015

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